Commercial Plastics Recycling, Inc. is an organization of employees who have combined their resources to pursue a common goal. That goal is to create value by providing the plastics industry with the best products and services that will make our customers and their customers happy.

We, as a business and as individuals are guided by four main principles.

1. Customer Satisfaction:
Providing the best possible quality service and value to the people in the plastics industry. Doing whatever is reasonable and sometimes unreasonable to make certain that each customer’s needs are met each and every day and that they are delighted with our service.

2. Integrity:
Doing what is right, caring about the dignity and rights of each individual, acting fairly and responsibly with all parties and being a good citizen in the community in which we operate.

3. Teamwork:
Understanding that we must all work together, with our customers in the center of our team, if we are to be successful. Realizing that each individual must contribute to the team in order to remain a team member.

4. Excellence:
Striving to perform every job or action in a superior way. Being innovative, seeking new and better ways to get things done. Helping all individuals to become the best that they can be in their jobs and careers.

Florida's Warehouse Staff - First Shift

Florida's Warehouse Staff - Third Shift 

                                               West Virginia's Warehouse Staff

North Carolina's Warehouse Staff 

Mississippi's Warehouse Staff